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Cartoons: Geoffrey Hill's "The English Blog"

Sean Banville: Breaking News English

Daily Writing Tips

A to Z: Links für EnglischlehrerInnen

  • Linksammlung mit alphabetische geordneten Rubriken mit Ressourcen für den Englischunterricht
  • Webmaster: Jürgen Wagner
  • A to Z: EN

The Evil Landlady Action Maze

  • The Evil Landlady Action Maze
  • "Here's the problem:
  • You are an ESL student at the University of Victoria, living in a rented apartment which is part of your landlady's house. Your landlady is making you very unhappy.
    She is always spying on you and reading your mail, and she is rude to you when you come home late or bring friends home.
  • She won't allow you to have friends to stay, and she seems to know all your private business. What should you do?"
  • Diese Aktivität ist zu finden auf einer Seite zum Thema Webquests
  • Bei der "Action Maze" müssen immer wieder neue Entscheidungen gefällt werden, die den weiteren Verlauf der Handlung bestimmen.

Language Puzzles

  • Language Puzzles
  • "Time for a challenge! These downloadable puzzles are fun brain teasers that help you practice and discover (new) English words. Each puzzle is based on a theme so it’s easy to find one that you like or one that suits your class.
  • Find the 12 hidden topic-related words in these wordsearches. Words may go across or back, up or down, and diagonally up or down in the grid. Need some help? The definitions are on page two to give you a head start.
  • For other types of interactive English language games, check out this page."
  • Hinweis von Ingrid Braband (Bundesprachenamt) in der Cusa-Mailingliste

Business English Study

  • Beispielthemen:
  • VIRGIN - business advice (intermediate)What business advice does the boss of Virgin offer entrepreneurs?
  • IKEA - how to help your customers (intermediate)
  • Ikea is a global company. Why is it so successful?
  • SANTANDER - threats and opportunities (advanced)
  • Banco Santander Group has threats and opportunities. But what are they?
  • McDONALD’S - how to be a successful franchise (elementary)
  • McDonald’s is a franchise. Why is it a popular business option?
  • ADIDAS & PUMA - how to compete (intermediate, updated 2013)
  • Why do Adidas and Puma compete when Nike is the real competition?

English e-books

  • English e-books
  • Adapted ebooks – best choice to learn English. Download ebooks for your device for free   
  • Rubriken: Find book - elementary - pre-intermediate - intermediate -    upper-intermediate - advanced - About - Feedback

Neues von ESOL Courses

How Do You Say That? The 10 Coolest Pronunciation Tools for ESL Students

  • How Do You Say That? The 10 Coolest Pronunciation Tools for ESL Students
  • "ESL students struggle with a lot of things.
  • Many of these they can practice with the use of self-study materials. They can do as many grammar exercises as they want; they can work with audio and video to improve listening; they can even join native English speakers in their free time for some extra speaking practice.
  • But it is not likely they will correct your students’ pronunciation. Pronunciation is one of those things that only teachers correct – in the classroom. Friends and acquaintances will usually let pronunciation mistakes slide for the sake of keeping the conversation flowing.
  • So what can your students do in their self-study time to improve their pronunciation? In today’s technological age, the best solutions to any of our problems are usually found online or in apps. And here some pronunciation tools you can recommend to your ESL students."

Say What? 5 Ways to Get Students to Listen

  • Say What? 5 Ways to Get Students to Listen
    by Rebecca Alber Edutopia Consulting Online Editor
  • "Ah, listening, the neglected literacy skill. I know when I was a high school English teacher this was not necessarily a primary focus; I was too busy honing the more measurable literacy skills -- reading, writing, and speaking.
  • But when we think about career and college readiness, listening skills are just as important. This is evidenced by the listening standards found in the Common Core and also the integral role listening plays in collaboration and communication, two of the four Cs of 21st century learning.
  • So how do we help kids become better listeners? Check out these tactics for encouraging a deeper level of listening that also include student accountability."
  • Five Tips for New Teachers to Become Connected Educators
  • "This month, the U.S. Department of Education kicked off Connected Educator Month, with engaging keynotes, panel discussions, book chats, and more.
  • During this month, educators in the U.S. and globally will have opportunities to connect themselves and their communities, online and in-person, to support their professional practice. The timing couldn't be better, as most teachers are preparing to hit the ground running as they gear up for back-to-school!"

Neues von "The EFL SmartBlog"

  • You are going to
  • look at and practise some very common British slang expressions.
  • try and guess the meanings of words from visual context
  • do some matching and gap fill exercises

Teacher's note

  • "I have seen many students come to the UK thinking they had a good level of English, FCE for example, but still struggle at doing basic things like talking to bus drivers or shop assistants. It's sometimes quite important to teach students "real" English instead of that boring, artificial and antiseptic textbook stuff.
  • Here is an example. How often do your students come into class with the odd and imperative sounding "Hello! How are you?" instead of the more natural sounding and (in the UK) now ubiquitous "Hiya! Y'alright?"
  • How many of us actually teach them to use "Hiya!", "Alright?" or "Cheers!" or "See ya!"?
  • Yet, informally, this is how most people in the UK actually speak to each other.
  • So, anyway, here are some informal expressions you won't find in many coursebooks or in any exams  but you will definitely hear when you come to the UK.
  • Warning. Be careful when you use some of these expressions. They are informal and a few may not be suitable for use in class, to your teacher or boss."

Scoop.its for ELT


Jeunes nomades › Conseils aux jeunes voyageurs

  • Travailler en français : où et comment chercher ?
  • "Bonjour, Voici une vidéo enregistrée sur le MOOC "Travailler en français" pour vous aider à chercher du travail dans un pays francophone. Bonne découverte !!
  • Pour lire la suite cliquez ici "
  • (Quelle: Blog Chez Jérôme [Rambert])

A - Z: Links für FranzösischlehrerInnen

  • Linksammlung von Jürgen Wagner
  • alphabetisch geordnete Rubriken zu allen Bereichen des Französischunterrichts.
  • A to Z: FR

1 jour 1 actu: Des outils pour mieux comprendre l'info

  • L’affaire de la quenelle
  • "L’humoriste Dieudonné a rendu populaire un geste, la quenelle, que beaucoup considèrent comme raciste. Aujourd’hui, des centaines de photos de quenelles circulent sur Internet. Des enfants s’amusent même à exécuter ce geste dans les cours d’école. Mais d’où vient la quenelle ? Et pourquoi en parle-t-on autant ? 1jour1actu t’explique."
  • Inondations : la Bretagne en état de vigilance
  • "La Bretagne subit depuis 15 jours de fortes inondations. La faute aux pluies intenses, à une forte houle et aux grandes marées. Des cartes « vigilance » sont établies par l’État et Météo-France pour prévenir les habitants du danger."
  • À l’école des crêpes !
  • "Faire des crêpes bien rondes et bien plates, c’est un métier. On peut l’apprendre à l’école des maîtres crêpiers et cuisiniers de Rennes, en Bretagne. Elle est dirigée par Bertrand Denis qui nous dévoile ses secrets de fabrication."
  • C’est quoi, une langue régionale ?
  • "« Guàtertag » en alsacien, « demat » en breton, « salutu » en corse… dans notre pays, il n’y a pas qu’une seule façon de dire bonjour, il y en a plusieurs ! Tous ces mots sont issus de ce que l’on appelle les langues régionales. Explications avec Lionel Buannic, fondateur de chaînes de télévision sur Internet, Brezhoweb, la bretonne, et Oc’Télé, l’occitane."

Neues von MOddouFLE (Marc Oddou)

Chansons francophones: Paroles de clips

  • Chansons francophones: Paroles de clips
  • 168 ressources
  • "Des clips musicaux pour découvrir des artistes francophones contemporains.
  • Le + : chaque jeudi, de nouvelles activités pédagogiques pour faire entrer la musique dans la classe !"
  • A1 débutant A2 élémentaire B1 intermédiaire B2 avancé

Chansons pour étudier le français (vidéos & paroles)

Planète français

  • Planète français
  • Toutes les activités pédagogiques… Témoignages, fiches d'activités téléchargeables sous format *.doc

Neues von TV5Monde

Le Finistère, la Bretagne à l'état brut - diaporama impressionnant

1000 expressions: Appelez un chat un chat

  • Appelez un chat un chat 1000 expressions
  • "Chaque nation s'exprime avec son propre imaginaire. C'est ce que permet de découvrir ce site canadien qui offre une traduction automatique de proverbes français en anglais et espagnol.
  • Ainsi " Appeler un chat un chat " devient "Call a spade a spade" (une bêche une bêche) en anglais et en espagnol " Llamar al pan pan y al vino vino ". Avoir une faim de loup devient " As hungry as a bear " ou "Tener una hambre canina"...
  • article écrit par fjarraud
  • 100o expressions
  • Sowohl Ziel- als aus Ausgangssprache lassen sich einstellen. Ist ein äquivalenter Ausdruck vorhanden wird dieser angezeigt und ein Kontextbeispiel geliefert.

La Météo

  • La Météo
  • Sehr gut geeignet zur einführung des themengebunden Wortschatzes
    Quelle: log Paris-Monterrey von Nathalie Maguérès:
  • "je suis française. J’ai une licence en italien et ensuite j’ai fait une maîtrise en didactique du français langue étrangère. Je fais ce blogue pour le plaisir de partager avec vous du matériel gratuit. L’idée est de faire des articles simples et accessibles à tous, même aux personnes qui commencent à peine leur apprentissage du français."
  • Verbe FAIRE avec audio
  • le verbe jouer
  • FLE - Couleurs

Sehr aktive Google+-Gruppe: FLE - Français comme Langue Étrangère - French

  • FLE - Français comme Langue Étrangère - French
  • gegründet von Jean-Charlesa Blondeau
  • "Vous enseignez le français ? Vous apprenez le français ? Vous êtes les bienvenus. Learn French together!"
  • Immer mit topaktuellen Tipps
  • Communauté FLE Google+, de nouvelles ressources "Comme s'il en pleuvait !

Ressources pour l'apprentissage des langues

  • "Bienvenue ... aux étudiants de l'Espace Langues de l'Université Paris 13 - Nord, et d'ailleurs!
  • Ce site a pour objectif de vous aider à vous former en langues, en autonomie, et en ligne. Nous avons répertorié un grand nombre de sites web de sorte à ce que vous choisissiez vos supports en fonction de vos intérêts, des activités langagières et compétences linguistiques que vous souhaitez travailler, ou de votre niveau – que vous soyez grand débutant ou presque bilingue.
  • Vous trouverez aussi bien des ressources numériques brutes (journaux, sites participatifs, vidéos…), destinées à l’origine aux « natifs », que des ressources pédagogiques ou pédagogisées avec un contenu et des activités adaptés aux apprenants de langues étrangères. 
  • Prenez le temps de naviguer dans un premier temps pour trouver les sites qui seront les plus à même de vous faire progresser, et n’en conservez qu’un nombre limité dans vos favoris : il ne s’agit pas de tout faire ! Vous pouvez aussi commencer par notre sélection, mais en gardant à l’esprit qu’il y a autant de styles d’apprentissage que d’étudiants et que vous seul trouverez la méthode d'autoformation qui vous convient."

Neues von "Outils TICE"

  • Kartable. Cours et exercices corriges pour le college et le lycee
  • "Kartable est une ressource précieuse. Elle offre en ligne des cours complets et des exercices corrigés pour tous les niveaux et dans la plupart des matières pour toutes les classes du collège au lycée.
  • Une bibliothèque d’une grande richesse qui n’a pas à rougir loin s’en faut face à des offres de cours en ligne et de soutien scolaire payantes façon Maxicours. D’autant moins à rougir que Kartable est entièrement gratuite et libre d’accès pour tous, élèves, enseignants ou parents.
  • Une oeuvre d’utilité publique revendiquée par ses créateurs et animateurs qui regroupe plus de cinquante étudiants, doctorants, agrégés, enseignants animés par le même objectif : construire une plateforme de ressources complète et de qualité, destinée tant aux élèves qu’à leurs professeurs. Le résultat en ligne est formidable."
  • Lien:

Slideshare-Präsentation zum Französischlernen

  • Fiches de discussion de katia_sh
  • downloadbares 17-seitiges Slideshare-Dokument mit jeder Menge Sprechanlässe
  • Les fetes en france
  • by Aaron Zheng, student at Vatel International Business School
    PPt describing holidays in France

Neues von "Le français et vous"

"Le français et vous: Des idées pour apprendre et enseigner la langue française."



Neues von FLE en ESO und TICs en FLE

Neues von "Parlons français"

Neues von "T'enseignes-tu?"

  • 5 sites FLE à conseiller à vos apprenants
  • "Voici 5 sites FLE à conseiller à vos apprenants. Un ou deux classiques que je n’avais pas encore cités mais aussi une ou deux découvertes (pour ma part en tous cas)."
  • Humoristes du web : des vidéos authentiques pour vos cours de français (F.L.E.)
  • "Depuis quelques années, ils sont partout sur Internet ! De jeunes humoristes, comme Norman, ou Cyprien, réalisent des sketchs comiques en se filmant chez eux avec une petite caméra.
  • Ils enthousiasment les internautes… et les apprenants de F.L.E. qui les connaissent ! Pour que vos étudiants réclament encore plus de compréhension orale en cours, faites-leur découvrir ces humoristes !
  • Et pour le faire en douceur, commencez par leur présenter le phénomène grâce à ce petit reportage issu d’un journal télé. Une fiche pédagogique sur un sketch de Norman sera en ligne dans quelques jours. Et vous pouvez aussi utiliser cette ressource audio sur mon autre blog, GABFLE."


A - Z: Links für Spanischlehrer

Neues von "ProfeDeELE"

Neues von TodoELE

Spanish 4 teachers

Daniel Hernández, un profesor en red

  • Mis 10 propósitos para 2014
  • "Un nuevo año comienza, un nuevo año lleno de proyectos e ilusiones que quiero compartir con vosotros en esta entrada, no sin antes despedir al 2013 con el mejor de los saludos. Ya que este año me ha permitido realizar dos de mis sueños: enseñar español en Italia y consolidar ProfeDeELE."

La evolución de los métodos de enseñanza de lenguas extranjeras

  • "La proliferación de diferentes estrategias y métodos es una característica prominente de la enseñanza de lenguas extranjeras en nuestros tiempos. Para algunos, esto refleja la fuerza de nuestra profesión.
  • Para otros, sin embargo, esta amplia variedad de métodos disponibles actualmente confunde más que conforta. Algunos recomiendan técnicas y prácticas extrañas, otros son simplemente difíciles de entender. Este artículo pretende explicar brevemente algunos de los métodos llevados a cabo a lo largo de la historia."
  • La evolución de los métodos de enseñanza de lenguas extranjeras


Standardwerk für Ihre Seminarbibliothek: Web 2.0 im Fremdsprachenunterricht

  • Untertitel: ein Praxisbuch für Lehrende in Schule und Hochschule
  • Herausgegeben von Wagner, Jürgen / Heckmann, Verena
  • Verlag: Hülsbusch, W | ISBN: 978-3-86488-022-3
  • "Der Sammelband stellt Good-Practice-Beispiele von Web-2.0-basierten Anwendungen für den Sprachunterricht vor und versteht sich als ein praxisorientierter Leitfaden für den Web-2.0-Neuling, aber auch den „Power-User“.

The How to Motivate Your Students in the Classroom Infographic

  • "Getting students engaged is not an easy task particularly in an age that is full of all kinds of distractions. Some argue that some of the habits that students have developed as a result of their heavy use of emerging technologies and social media have negatively impacted their capacities to concentrate and focus for longer stretches of time. However, when students are motivated to learn, focus and attention comes along easily."
  • The How to Motivate Your Students in the Classroom Infographic features 10 ways to get students motivated.

“Ganze Filme” jetzt kostenlos: Die perfekte Suche für Filme auf YouTube

  • “Ganze Filme” jetzt kostenlos: Die perfekte Suche für Filme auf YouTube
    "Youtube hat neben kleinen Clips auch viele Filme und Serien in voller Länger zu bieten, die man mit “Ganze Filme” ganz leicht finden kann.
  • Die Auswahl an Videos im Internet ist so vielfältig, dass es kaum möglich ist einen Überblick darüber zu behalten. Alleine auf YouTube werden täglich 65.000 Videos hochgeladen. Darunter befinden sich nicht nur kurze Clips, sondern auch vollständige Filme aus fast jedem Genre.
  • Mit der App “Ganze Filme” (App Store-Link) kann man diese relativ einfach aufspüren und direkt ansehen. “Ganze Filme” steht im Moment kostenlos als Universal-App für iPad und iPhone zur Verfügung – sonst sind 89 Cent gefragt. Die App bringt es im Download gerade mal auf 4,3 MB."

Roboter statt Lehrer?

  • Roboter statt Lehrer?
  • Wie sieht das Klassenzimmer in 50 Jahren aus? Zu dieser und anderen Fragen haben wir Urs Zuberbühler und Werner Hartmann in Interviews via Skype befragt.
  • Wie sieht für Sie das Klassenzimmer in 50 Jahren aus?
  • Gibt es die Wandtafel noch? Wird sie eine Art Riesen-iPad sein?
  • Was könnte man am heutigen Klassenzimmer verbessern?
  • Sie haben ja bestimmt schon viele Technologien getestet. Was hat sich als nicht gut erwiesen?
  • Was wird in Zukunft die Rolle des Lehrers sein? Braucht es ihn noch?
  • Wird es gar Roboterlehrer geben?
  • Artikel der Berner Zeitung

Convert PowerPoint to Flash

  • "Convert your PowerPoint presentations to SWF files for free! Simply upload your PowerPoint presentation on authorSTREAM, get the embed code of the converted flash file and plug it in your blog or website. The presentations remain the way you created them, with animation, slide timings and even audio narration.
  • authorSTREAM provides the option to share presentations either as "Public" or "Private". The private option lets you share presentations securely with those whom you choose. Registration is free.
  • It’s easy and for free! Sign up now and start sharing. It takes just a minute…"
  • Convert PowerPoint to Flash


Moodle and web 2.0

Video: “Useful Moodle 2.5 Features” from BBCS Elearning


  • Adding Text to a Moodle 2 Course
  • Create a certificate Moodle 2
  • Use a file many times and update once Moodle 2
  • Single Page Topic Moodle 2
  • 3 ways to add images to your course Moodle 2
  • Drag and drop Moodle 2
  • Drag and drop sharepoint Moodle 2
  • Create a Page Moodle 2
  • Add a course summary and topic heading Moodle 2
  • Create a basic discussion Forum Moodle 2
  • Legacy Files in Moodle 2
  • Convert Powerpoints to PDF files
  • Customising and docking Moodle 2
  • Moving blocks Moodle 2
  • Moving your course in Moodle 2
  • Editing items quickly Moodle 2
  • Turning Activity Chooser Off Moodle 2
  • Add and remove topics Moodle 2

Moodle Kurzreferenz für Version 2.6 mit Design "Clean" veröffentlicht

  • Moodle Kurzreferenz für Version 2.6 mit Design "Clean" veröffentlicht
  • "Die VHS Essen hat für Ihre Kursleiterinnen und Kursleiter die Kurzreferenz zu Moodle aktualisiert. Nun stimmen alle Screenshots mit der Version 2.6 unter Verwendung des Designs "Clean" überein.
  • Die Kurzreferenz dient als Gedächtnisstütze für Dozenten, die an einer Moodle-Anfängerschulung teilgenommen haben, eignet sich aber auch für IT-affine Dozenten ohne große Moodle Vorkenntnisse...
  • Unter diesem Link lässt sich die unter Creative Commons Lizenz veröffentlichte Kurzanleitung herunterladen."
  • Hinweis von Stephan Rinke in seinem Edumorph-Blog


Aufzeichnung des Webinars: Kooperative Lernformen im Französischunterricht

Aufzeichnung des Webinars mit Paz Bartolomé zu GoAnimate!

Aufzeichnung des Webinars "Creating e-books to defend the environment - an award-winning project:

Aufzeichnung der Online-Fortbildung: Nubescuela 2014: Recursos de la web para el aula de E/LE

Aufzeichnung des Webinars "Soziale Netzwerke im Fremdsprachenunterricht: Von Facebook zu Edmodo"



E4.111-0534: Online-Fortbildung mit Nik Peachey: Using Online Video

E4.512-0334: Meilleurs sites Web2.0 pour professeurs de langues

  • "Venez nous rejoindre pour ce webinar, et découvrez la large palette d'outils utilisables par les enseignants de langues pour re-dynamiser leurs cours. De nombreux exemples concrets de didactisations, de méthodes d'intégration de sites web2.0 dans nos pratiques pédagogiques et de "détournement" de ces sites à des fins pédagogiques vous y attendent: JogTheWeb, Lyricstraining, Glogster, Bubblr, iPadio ,... pour ne citer que quelques sites, conception d'exercices et d'animations audiovisuelles, baladodiffusion, blog d'élèves pour ne citer que quelques utilisations pédagogiques du Web2.0. Vos questions et conseils d'utilisation seront également les bienvenues! Je me réjouis déjà de vous retrouver jeudi le 06.02.2014 à 19h00."

  • Referent: Christophe Jaeglin, Lehrerfortbildner für Digitale Medien an derc Académie de Strasbourg und Redakteur des café pédagogique
  • Webmaster:
  • 06. 02. 2014 - 19:00h - 20:30h
  • Zugangslink:
  • Infoblatt

E4.124-0134 - Redes sociales en el desarrollo de la expresión escrita de una lengua extranjera

  • Referentin: Pilar Munuera
  • 1. La expresión escrita en clase de idiomas
  • 2. La expresión escrita desde un enfoque comunicativo
  • 3 ¿Por qué utilizar las redes sociales?
  • 4 Redes sociales: facebook, twitter, tuenti, tumblr, g+... //moodle, edmodo...
  • 5. Actividades de EE mediante las redes sociales
  • 10. 02. 2014 - 19 bis 20.30h
  • Zugangslink:
  • Infoblatt

Invitation to a free webinar in English: How to engage students and offer them the opportunity of collaborating with students from other countries

Webinars for English Teachers

E-Learning EN

Digital Classrooms - Online Video: Nik Peachey's Iniegogo Fundraising Project

  • Digital Classrooms - Online Video
  • A digital resource book to help teachers exploit online video technology in learning.
  • Share this campaign
  • About the ebook
  • "The book will be the first in a series of low cost interactive e-books that teachers will be able to download in different formats and take round with them on iPads, e-readers or as PDF and ePub on their computer. These will be a books that will always be available for just-in-time learning support and for new teaching ideas.
  • The first book will deal with how to create and exploit web-based video both inside and outside the classroom."

Your essential ‘how-to’ guide to using Prezi in an academic environment

  • "Presentation boredom can be a significant barrier to academic communication. Ned Potter provides guidance on the strengths and weaknesses of Prezi as a fresh approach to the PowerPoint doldrums.
  • Prezi favours a non-linear format which also allows for more self-guided autonomy for viewers. But Prezi isn’t brilliant for accessibility and the whizzy technology can interfere with what you’re trying to say. Helpful tips are provided on how to get the most out of the interactive features.
  • is a zooming presentation tool which offers an alternative to PowerPoint. As it grows in popularity it is being seen more and more often across campuses; presentations created not just by academics and librarians but by students too.
  • The quality of these presentations is variable; when used well Prezi can be a fabulous communication tool, but when used badly it can leave the audience feeling bamboozled, and potentially slightly sea-sick… There’s a lot of academic interest to it, so with that in mind here’s a brief guide."
  • Your essential ‘how-to’ guide to using Prezi in an academic environment

Free Technology for Teachers - Richard M. Byrne's Blog

Neues von "Edudemic"

  • The 4 Apps Needed To Run A One iPad Classroom
  • "If you don’t have the luxury of a 1:1 classroom or even a 10:1 classroom then you might want to sit down. I have some seriously shocking news that you might not be adequately ready to hear. Ready? Sitting? Here goes: you only need one iPad to have an effective connected classroom.
  • Wait, that wasn’t even the big one. Here it is:
  • You only need four apps to run a one iPad classroom. Boom!"

Neues zu "Evernote"

  • Evernote for Students: The Ultimate Research Tool – Education Series
  • Tips and Stories by Ron Toledo
  • "Whether you’re writing a paper or studying for a test, odds are you spend more time gathering the pieces than actually working. Getting all of your notes together, hunting for quotes, and tracking down bibliographical information takes at least as long, if not longer, as writing the paper itself.
  • In a group situation, sharing research and collaborating on the production of one document is even more difficult without the proper tools.
  • Enter Evernote. For students, it’s an invaluable way to organize research and streamline the collaboration process. Here are some examples of how Evernote simplifies the student research process."
  • Evernote Tutorial 2013 / 2014 - Introduction and Overview
  • "An Evernote introduction and overview tutorial for 2013 and 2014 on how to use Evernote to create richly formatted notes and organize your notes into notebooks and stacks.

  • Evernote Tutorial Topics:
  • 1. Introduction and User Interface of Evernote
  • 2. Creating notes in Evernote
  • 3. Creating notebooks in Evernote
  • 4. Creating notebook stacks in Evernote
  • 5. Organizing notes in Evernote
  • As more Evernotes tutorials are published they will be linked below!
  • Google Drive Video Series 2013:"

5 Demands Placed on Students in a 1:1

  • "1. Manage the Technology: In addition to learning and completing assignments students have an array or responsibilities simply in managing the device.  The device needs to be charged, apps and programs need to be updated so that they continue to function correctly.
  • At first students and perhaps parents may scoff at the idea that these tasks are part of learning. It can be hard to keep them accountable for them, but just as important as it is to have paper, a pen, a PE uniform or safety goggles, having a functioning device is key to being “ready to learn.”"
  • Read on: 5 Demands Placed on Students in a 1:1

Neues von Lisa Nielsen [The Innovative Educator]

  • Got iPads? Get a WiPad!
  • "If you are an innovative educator whose school has moved to iPads in the classroom, you need a WiPad. Unlike Apple TV it does not require network connections or IDs. Unlike an interactive whiteboard you can get up and away from the board and into class.
  • Just snap your iPad into the WiPad case, attach the battery to the back of the case, and connect that to WiPad and iPad with a cable. Place the receiver on your TV or projector and voilà! You’re ready to share whatever is on your iPad (i.e. apps, audio, video) with the class.  
  • What’s nice about the wireless device is that not only can the teacher be anywhere in the class, but the projecting iPad can also be given to a student to share their work as well. can just connect the WiPad to a student device.
  • Unlike an interactive whiteboard that requires training, keeps you tethered to the front of the room, and costs thousands, consider a WiPad Pro. It works on an iPad 2 or 3 and runs for $299." 

There is More to iPads in the Classroom Than Apps

  • "I have teachers ask  me frequently about app recommendations for different subject areas.

    • “What app could I use to teach subtraction?”
    • “What app would you recommend for my students to practice writing?”
    • “I want to use iPads in my Science class. What app is good for that?”

  • I usually sigh to myself, when I receive questions like that. While I am not against in suggesting apps ( which I love doing), I am not comfortable with the level of disconnect between the teacher (who knows her/his students best) and the curriculum related skills and objectives and pedagogical relationship that needs to be in place for an app to be a match to use in a classroom or with an individual learner.
  • In a recent article, titled ” How the iPad Can Transform Classrooms” by Ben Johnson on Edutopia, raises awareness of the difference between using the iPad as a way to teach students versus the iPad as a tool to learn for students."
  • Weiterlesen: There is More to iPads in the Classroom Than Apps

How To Use Wiki In The Classroom

  • How To Use Wiki In The Classroom
  • Written by  Christopher Pappas
  • "More and more classrooms are now learning, creating, reading, and testing online. In order to keep up with our technologically demanding lifestyles, the traditional classroom is making way for such innovative tools as wiki.
  • Not only is this an inexpensive way to manage your classroom, it’s also a fun way to engage students in content across the curriculum. "
  • subjects:
  • What is Wiki?
  • Why Teachers Should Use Wiki in the Classroom?
  • 8 Top Tips for Using Wiki in the Classroom
  • 12 Top Wiki Activities for the Classroom

Neues von "Educational Technology and Mobile Learning"

  • 8 Things to Look for in An Educational App
  • "Picking up the right educational apps to recommend to your students and kids is not an easy task.There are several criterion you need to consider before you can comfortably claim that an app is educational or not.
  • ... I want to share with you some of the tips that educational app reviewers use to select apps for teachers and students. I have created the graphic below to include as many of these tips as possible. I have collected these tips from different resources. Enjoy"
  • 7 Fabulous iPad Apps to Create Short Animated Lessons for Your Flipped Classroom
  • "Flipped learning or flipped classroom is a learning concept that has been making some huge uproar within educational circles for the last couple of years. Flipped classroom is not a new concept as some would argue but only the advance of technology particularly the mobile and handheld gadgetry brought it to the surface and gave it more prominence .
  • I have written profusely about this teaching/learning strategy and  Flipped Learning Resources section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning features some of these materials."
  • Google Now Makes It Easier to Search for Licensed Images
  • "With this new update to Google Image Search, users now can search for images by licensing rights under the " search tools " which is in the front page. Before this update and in order for users to sort their search results, they had to access it through "Advanced search "which was not convenient enough as many people don't even bother with it."

i4S POSTERS: iPad 4 Schools Posters

  • iPad 4 Schools Posters
  • Beispielthemen:
  • Moving from 20C to 21C Learning
  • Why iPad 4 schools?
  • A Teacher’s 3 Twitter Accounts
  • 2 iPad bloggers collide !
  • Responsible Use Policy for kids

  • Project Based Learning with iPads
  • Bringing learning to life – Bringing Life to learning!
  • To start with, I think Project-based learning is the future of education. It puts students into real situations where they have to:

    • Act professionally
    • be a team player
    • understand their assigned role
    • Stick to deadlines as a team
    • Problem solve
    • Project manage
    • Communicate ideas

  • … I could go on for a while here!"

24 Tips for Single iPad Classrooms!

  • "Today I happened to come across a great article on Pinterest, The Single iPad Classroom. It’s an older article, from spring of 2012, but it has a number of fantastics ideas for today.
  • The article addresses the challenges faced by teachers who only have a single iPad in their classrooms. It’s hard, right? Figuring out how all of the kids can share a single iPad and have a meaningful learning experience using it is no small feat.
  • And yet single iPad classrooms are probably still the most common iPad implementation we see in classrooms.
  • It’s true that iPad carts and 1:1 implementations are on the rise, but there are a bunch of you out there, as we head into 2014, who are still getting by with a single device.
  • So I’ve chosen a subset of my favorite ideas from the article and am sharing them here. The article is written for iPads, but it’s a generic list and can be used for any type of tablet or smart device.
  • The original article was authored by Margie Brown of Eanes (TX) Independent School District. The lists here are based on a survey that Margie conducted with teachers with single iPad classrooms."
  • 24 Tips for Single iPad Classrooms!

How to Block Access to Adult Content & Websites on iPhone & iPad

  • How to Block Access to Adult Content & Websites on iPhone & iPad
  • "Apple has long included various means of placing parental controls and filtering for content available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but up until recent iOS updates there was not a simple method of blocking web-based adult content and material in Safari.
  • That has changed with iOS 7, which makes it extremely easy to prevent access to adult themed web sites and general content that is deemed inappropriate for youth.
  • The web restrictions are very easy to toggle on and off and access to them is password restricted, which makes it perfect to quickly turn on before handing an iOS device off to a youngin’ for unsupervised use."

Air Sketch: Wireless Whiteboard for the iPad

  • Air Sketch: Wireless Whiteboard for the iPad
  • "Turn your iPad into a wireless whiteboard! Annotate PDF documents and images live. You can now project PDF documents (such as exported PowerPoint or Keynote decks) to a computer on the same local network, then annotate them in real time, all from your iPad."
  • "Air Sketch is great for presentations in the boardroom, classroom, or on the go. Just fire up Air Sketch on the iPad and open the specified URL from any HTML-5 compatible browser on the local network. Your photos and drawings show up natively in the browser. There's no proprietary client software to install, or services to subscribe to."
  • "No longer be tethered to the podium! Connect your laptop to a projector to present and draw from your iPad as you walk around the room. You can also easily pass your iPad around to allow others to contribute."
  • Nik Peachey's insight:
  • "This looks like a very useful free app that also has integration with AirPlay. Looks like a good way of replacing an IWB for free."

SlideIdea: An Innovative, Interactive Presentation App for the iPad

  • SlideIdea: An Innovative, Interactive Presentation App for the iPad
  • Posted by Jonathan Wylie
  • "Looking for a different way to present content and engage students in your lessons? Take a look at SlideIdea - a free app for the iPad that sets out to rival Keynote, Nearpod, Haiku Deck, Swipe and other presentation apps for the iPad. Here are 5 features that I think make it a great app for the classroom."

21 iPad Apps Available on Android Tablets

  • Custom Flashcards
  • "Flashcardlet by Quizlet allows students to view flashcards decks you’ve created on their iPads.  Quizlet is a free website where you can make  flashcards decks that correspond to vocabulary in any unit of study."

OPINION: Why Chromebooks Should Rule The School

  • "I help schools think through hardware choices, deployment logistics, cost and on-going manageability. I spend most of my time with district public schools in Oakland, where there are sometimes enough devices for 1:1 simultaneous use.
  • But nowhere in our pilots do kids have their own unique device that they can personalize as their own. Devices stay in a single classroom for the next group of students.
  • Despite my best effort to stay “device agnostic,” lately I find myself increasingly recommending Chromebooks.
  • Below I lay out my reasons. Despite some twists and turns, my hope is that this line of thinking can help more schools make their own decisions about what works best for them--even if they don’t go Chrome. (Disclosure: I use a MacBook for my daily work and I love it.)"
  • What should factor into your choice of devices for school

Creating a Quiz or taking a Poll on the iPad

  • "I love the fact that the iPad can be used to assess student understanding instantly. I think these Quiz and Poll apps actually give the students the power to direct lessons as opposed to teachers making assumptions about where their kids are at in their learning.
  • Below is a list of apps that allow teachers to create and hold a quiz or poll in their class. A great way to start a lesson to ensure you pitch the lesson at the right level or even to use as a exit poll. Find one that suits you and your students. "
  • Creating a Quiz or taking a Poll on the iPad Android-Apps [c/o Jürgen Wagner]

E-Learning FR

TICE et langues

  • von Jürgen Wagner zum Thema "Les TICE en classe de langue".
  • Topaktuelle News zum Einsatz der "Neuen" Medien im Französischunterricht.
  • Les Scoop.its sur les TICE - compilation de Jürgen Wagner
  • envoyez vos suggestions à


  • “Ressources, articles sur le FLE et les TICE ”
  • Curated by Sarah Dosch, Institut Français de Madrid.

Utiliser le logiciel CALIBRE pour gérer vos documents et les convertir au format ePub

  • "Apprendre à créer des ressources (images + textes) au format epub lisible sur tablettes en utilisant un traitement de texte et le logiciel Calibre.
  • Calibre et un logiciel libre et multi-plateforme de gestion de bibliothèque numérique qui permet :
     - de gérer les livres numériques
     - de convertir les ressources vers divers formats ePUB
     - de transférer les livres vers divers appareils mobiles ou liseuses
     - de gérer des flux d'informations et les convertir en livres numériques
     - d'opérer comme serveur et permettre aux tablettes de se connecter et récupérer des livres
     - de visualiser des livres au format epub"
  • Utiliser le logiciel CALIBRE pour gérer vos documents et les convertir au format ePub

E-Learning ES

Tutorial en español paso a paso

Las TIC en el aula de ELE

  • Topical information about ICT in Spanish teaching via ""
  • curated by Jürgen Wagner
  • Scoop.its para ELE: Weitere topaktuelle kostenlose Angebote

Las apps que todo profesor debería utilizar en sus clases

Graba audio mientras tomas notas desde el iPad con esta app

  • Graba audio mientras tomas notas desde el iPad con esta app
  • "SoundNote  es una aplicación que ha evolucionado con el tiempo para seguir sirviendo a los periodistas que prefieren tomar notas mientras graban, por ejemplo, una conferencia de prensa, o una entrevista usando el iPad.
  • Puedes escribir, pero también dibujar mientras se graba el audio, por lo que, según los desarrolladores, es perfecta para los estudiantes, muy propensos a distraerse. El equipo asegura que no te perderás los detalles de ninguna reunión.
  • Cuando el proyecto esté completo, puedes compartir el texto o el dibujo a través de correo electrónico, o transferirlo a la PC o Mac. Los archivos tienen el formato M4A. Se indica que una hora de audio de alta calidad es equivalente a 20MB.
  • Esta app está valorizada en US$ 4.99. Está optimizada para iOS7.
  • Descarga desde aquí."

TIC&BLOG - el blog de los alumnos de Educación Primaria - UM

  • Ayuda Webquest
  • "IMPRESCINDIBLE manual para usar y gestionar las webquest mediante el uso de Google SITES:  (a buenas horas...).
  • Este manual, junto con la página web de Freepik, un buscador de imágenes gratuitas, libres de la gran (C), son dos interesantes aplicaciones, muy útiles a la hora de enfrentarnos a nuestra futura webquest!"
  • Enlace de la página:
  • Un Saludo y Mucha SUERTE!!
  • clik aquí para acceder al Manual Google sites
  • Práctica 4 : Webquest
  • "¡Hola de nuevo a todos/as!
  • Aquí os dejamos el enlace de nuestra webquest, cuyo principal objetivo es enseñar a los niños la importancia de reciclar y procesos de reciclado, aprendiendo de una manera divertida y motivadora.
  • ¡Cuidemos nuestro planeta!
    ¿ Qué es reciclar?

  • Reciclar es recolectar materiales que ya se han usado para hacer con ellos cosas nuevas.
  • Así evitamos que los residuos vayan a la basura y contaminen. Por ejemplo, con el papel periódico , podemos hacer cartones de huevo.
  • El proceso de reciclar se debe iniciar en el mismo lugar donde se producen los residuos: - Hogar, - Oficina, - Escuela, - etc."

Google y el despliegue de su estrategia de hardware

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